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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
that all sounds really fun, and those elements are my favorite when I am able to experience them in some milsims.

But the dressing up, and time specific guns, and the acting and playing the role. That's LARPing with airsoft guns. Again, nothing wrong with that though.
All airsoft has elements of LARP .. it is live action, and your are playing the role of a person firing a gun.. without actually being a person firing a gun.

Historical LARP is generally known as re-enacting

in WWII reenacting- each person takes on the role of a person who could have served in WWII .. they seek to accurately portray that person, in equipment , Dress, and behaviour even language, .. this person is an alternative self in a different time and place. The Dress , equipment and deportment forms your "impression" of that person in that time and place.

Your impression is the principle vehicle for achieving "immersion". Immersion is that feeling that you are "there" everything you see is "right" for the time and place. When it's done right the immersion can be quite powerful and effective in transporting you to a different time and place in which the conflict is just that much more "realistic" and important.

It is from this that the real enjoyment and satisfaction comes. Yes WWII re-enactment is not for everyone, but for those that choose to follow this path is it both fulfilling, and very rewarding.

Everyone who has done Milsims is also looking for that "immersion" that feeling that "this is real" it makes your heart pound a little .. colours all seem a little brighter. The fact is that this feeling happens a lot more in WWII milsims than any other I have ever participated in.. including real military training.
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