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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
Airsoft World War II re-enacting has always seemed More like LARP and less like airsoft to me.

Not that theres anything wrong with that.
It's more like: "lets live like we are in 1944" than "we have a mission to accomplish within next 24-36 hours, lets do it!" We are trying to re-live what people back in old days went through.
It certainly does have that LARP look, especially because large number of us don't come to events to rack up the kill count. We come to dig fox holes at night, do patrols for hours without any contact, live in the rain for 2-3 days and we will be ok with firing 30-40 shots during all that time. I guess it's the same thing when you do serious reenactment of any era. I've done VN before, it's very similar in nature.
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