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When I bought a Turnigy just last month it was already in storage mode at around 3.5v-3.7v per cell I think. But to be on the safe side I charged it.

I will second the IMAX B6 is a good charger, they sell for around $70 bucks here but has it from the US at $27.64 so with shipping you'd probably be further ahead that route.

As mentioned above a laptop power supply can run it, just make sure it's at the right voltage and you don't draw more amps then what it's rated for.

I went through a storage/balance cycle already and I was snoozing charging/discharging a battery that I didn't even use game day (almost 2 hours for nothing). I will keep one of my two 7.4v max charged until my next game and see where it's at.

I store and charge mine in a flame-resistant bag and I keep all my batteries out of my gear in a cold cellar until I need them.
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