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Why YOU should Get interested in World War II re-enacting


I donno? Should you?

Do you like realistic combat simulations using airsoft guns?

Do you like accurate gear and equipment?

Do you like tight knit units employing accurate tactics with effective, experienced leaders?

Are you looking for something more than " weekend skirmishes" or "Ghost Recon" wanna-bes?

Are you interested in HISTORY?


Are you a little tired and maybe bored with " regular airsoft"

maybe what you are looking for is a deeper experience with a lot more to it than 6 hours of "pew pew"

What about an experience in which shooting is part of the whole experience, not the point of it?

Maybe you have been seriously thinking about giving up on Airsoft?

You know what, maybe you should! Maybe it's time to move on to a more fulfilling and immersive experience, and learn something along the way.

There are British, Canadian and American units always looking for new recruits. There are also German units looking to mentor and foster your journey into a whole new realm of Battle simulation. Loaner gear and guns available, along with a open and welcoming attitude.

You should try it, you just may like it and discover a whole new community you never knew existed.

Do you want to know more?

PM me or visit

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