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Trigger help TM Hi-Capa 5.1

Howdy mates,

I purchased a TM Hi-Capa 5.1 2-3 weeks ago,
the mag never worked properly to begin with and the plastic slide cracked after a week. (I returned it to the retailer thats currently having a look at it.)

Being the total flaming noob I am, I came to the realization it probably needs some upgrading (if I get an replacement that is) to hold together if I get the crazy notion of using it.
Thus I have two questions for you expert mates here,
Would a TM 5.1 hold together for usage if I upgrade some internals & metal slide?
(The idea I had was to see if I could practice some IPSC if I got an airsoft)

And looking at parts I would like to install this kind of trigger,

BUT - It clearly needs a corresponding part to puzzle together with that I seem unable to locate. Where do I purchase the "inner" part of the trigger?

You opinions and help to locate the lacking trigger part would be greatly appreciated!

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