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Unhappy Can anyone help me? KJW kp-08

Hello everyone, I have a KJW kp-08. One of the magazines I have for it does not work properly. When I fill it with gas and load it with BBs, my gun will only shoot (sometimes) one shot and then it ACTS like it is out of gas, (Puffing and no BBs fired) even though it is full. I then either have to manually chamber a round to shoot once more or apply pressure to the bottom of the magazine in order for it to work properly. After finding out that, I think theres just some weird problem with the mag not sealed properly when loaded in gun. I tried fixing it but had no luck. I know theres no problems with the gun as I have more mags and they work fine. Its just this one mag. I would appreciate it if anyone could help me.

Note: I also took the mag apart and but assembled it back because I didn't know what I was doing haha. The O ring is fine though so nothing wrong with that,
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