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Is hero outdoors legit?

I've been a customer of Hero's, in one aspect or another for almost twenty years, including buying a pretty darned good CAF flight helmet and O2 mask for $300 or so. I remember when they were called Rama Army Surplus.
My only qualm with them has been price, which has been reasonable; it's just that I'm dirt-poor, lol.
They are truly legit and the quality of their stock can't be disputed, and is warranteed. They've been very fair to me over the years, and they are flexible and responsible if the customer takes issue.
Today I was there, buying a can of green gas and asking about a Tactical A1 XM203S they have in their site, but not in stock. Being poor, it was a great buy, but not in stock. They said they'd get it as I ordered. I didn't order it, but fully trust they will get it in at the price they state if I change my mind.
Just don't mention "Iceman"; I bug Jeff too much, lol.

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