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Originally Posted by boogiebot View Post
Great Question, I actually use a regular smart charger. Its black in colour and says "Flame" on it. I hope thats not foreshadowing on whats going to happen to my batteries lol. Was thinking of getting a smart charger with display but unsure of which one. There was also a silver regular smart charger from Tenergy that had no display that has gotten tons of great reviews by well known airs of stores.
The Turnigy ones are fine. I use them myself. The "Airsoft" ones AFAIK are the same as their regular RC line just have the different connectors for airsofters. I myself however replaced them with Deans connectors when I got them.

As for the "flame" charger, they're the most basic smart charger you can get it's fine for a hobbyist or casual player. They charge via the white JST balance plug on the lipo and it looks like the Turnigy charger here correct? I'm pretty sure it's the same OEM that just pumps these out cheaply then other people just put their sticker or brand/packaging on it. They all look the exact same other than sometimes the plastics colour looking a bit different.

I've never heard of those blowing up or anything bad like that but it'll probably break on you after like a year or two if you use it a lot. When I had one in my hands the build quality was just OK. In fact I gave one of those to my ex along with a 12C 7.4V lipo for the clearsoft gun she has. Hasn't blown up yet.

As for charger any of the following should be good:

iMax B6AC Nice thing about this one is that you don't need to get a separate Power Supply (you can use your laptops power brick TBH but I bought the Turnigy T20Pro)
Turnigy Accucel6
HobbyKing ECO6 clone

Pretty much any of the chargers with at least a 3/5 star rating will be fine for airsoft. And if you have a team or have people over the night before a game or whatever you might want to invest in getting like a 4 bank charger so you can charge all your batteries at the same time.

If you want I can take a picture of what my setup looks like sometime this week so you can get an idea of how I have mine setup. But basically what I have is a couple batteries, T20Pro, Accucel6, and a specially soldered Deans charging connector (only comes with an XT60 and some other crap connectors or something, either do it the cheap way like me or buy the connector for like $1.50 or whatever while you're on HobbyKing anyways).
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