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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Fair enough, but most people do not do their own maintenance. Parts for AEGs are more common, easier to get, cheaper, and not to mention the extensive list of gun doctors available.

I dread the days I know I will need to open an AEG up to work on... Especially the ones that are less standard, I haven't really worked on, or just have a ton of screws... (e.g. TM Recoil, V8 Gearbox, V7 Gearbox).

*However, working on V2s/V6s/Split Gearboxes, those are dead simple, and super easy to work on minus the dissassembly of the aeg (depending on model, e.g. the P90 takes 2 seconds to dissassemble too).*

GBBs are definitely easier to take apart and work on, but pricier, and more TLC when an issue occurs IMO (and you actually have to maintain it lol :d).

When I have a nicely tuned AEG, I find it much more reliable and consistent in performance also. There have been quite a few times where I will go oh shit, when I realise my GBBR/GBBP mags are leaking in the middle of the game.

*Not to mention huge fps changes as the temperature changes throughout the day/game. I also hate adjusting the RA-TECH Nozzles lol...*

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