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I agree with ricochet on the fact the this is not an Egotistical conversation at all just a debate on whether airsoft could be played at the same speed or faster than paintball.

I have to disagree with you on the point that airsoft guns Having a higher FPS could attribute to a higher speed of play what gives paintball the ability to be played at a much higher speed is the fact I can complete my bunker movement even if I have been hit as paint doesn't always break on target.

However if I am hit while making a move in airsoft I'm out no completing the move and allowing the ref to check me. it's not just the speed at which the game ends I'm talking about the speed at which it is played at general you'll never see me run straight down the side of a field to bunker someone in airsoft however in paintball I'll do that all day long as I'm not dead unless I have paint on me.

See I find airsofters have to be more slow and deliberate in there movement as getting hit is an automatic out however with paintball getting hit ain't always the end

P.S I still love both games and wish to be a part of both communities for a very long time.
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