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I work security at the Pickering Town Centre. I just got back from vacation, however, when I stopped in to check my scheduling I was briefed on an arrest yesterday. Some moron was wearing camo pants and a drop leg holster with a pistol in the holster walking around the mall. When he was being checked on in the washroom it was heard that he was in fact chambering rounds. After the arrest and search he had metal bbs on his person. He claimed he was just coming back from an airsoft tournament. I cannot release the personal information publicly, but I really hope this individual is not a member here. If any of the admin's would like some more information I can pass on a name to check if he is a member. This individual had a prior record and was already on probation. Not sure if anybody knows this individual. He was charged by Durham Regional Police with weapons dangerous. I will post more if the police do a press release on the incident.

Its people like this that ruin the name of airsoft. People like this should not even have an airsoft on them due to liabilities with the people in the area and the police. Seriously even thought i dont live in Canada at the moment it still affects me because we have had a similar issue in Cyprus too and how it bums out responsible people that are enjoying the sport and those that are responsible and mature about airsoft get to get the classification "irresponsible people with guns" as a label because of idiots like this person. Its such a shame (excuse me for my french) idiots like these are even allowed to have airsoft guns in the first place. Shame shame shame...

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