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My personal opinion of paintball doesn't dictate its merit, as what you enjoy is up to you. We were discussing the capabilities if both in a speedball style environment. But two key points. For starters, paintball is generally nailed down into let's say a dozen common gameplay styles, mostly generated around a competative scrim or game. Airsoft on the other hand is 75% revolving around a loosely based military style, tactical game. The game in question is slowly morphing into more realism, or indepth style of gameplay. But airsoft is also commonly used in a thousand other mediums including roll-playing, reenactment, to a bunch of kids just running around shooting one another. I'm sure these things happen in paintball, but not to this degree. Paintball in a sense is more refined, perhaps due to its age. Except perhaps in regards to the whole, weekend warrior, birthday party, pay your twenty bucks and have fun once in awhile style, but airsoft has this as well. Secondly, anything done in one, can be done in the other. You can milsim in paintball, and you can speedball in airsoft, etc, etc, etc. The key difference is not how you utilize your game, but the technology available, and of course paint versus BBs.

My tone was never meant as aggressive, and my analogy was simply as a laugh. My personal opinion is that airsoft, although not as clean and organized, yet, has a much higher potential in all things. But once again, that's simply my opinion.

Back on topic, speedball. More commonly found in airsoft is military gear; strictly referring to the real deal here. Let's take Crye BDUs for example, you won't find a better set of combat based clothing anywhere. Lightweight, engineered joints, breathable, comfortable, etc. Now add in some Bates Zero Mass boots, or Speed Freaks, etc; lightweight, ergonomic footwear. But all this doesn't come down to gear, because you can wear all this in paintball as well. So maybe it's the players. Not really, the best airsoft and/or paintballers could easily transition into the other game type, as realistically at their core, they are the same premise; shoot other people, in a competitive setting. So it's not the people or the gear. Here's where the difference starts to appear, equipment. Things like vehicles, night vision, etc, are almost exclusively found in airsoft, and rarely in paintball. Something about getting paint on/in thousands of dollars worth of stuff isn't desirable. But I digress. This in no way means you could not use these things effectively in a paintball setting. So we have the ability to cross use people, gear, and equipment, effectively putting airsoft and paintball on even standing, especially given the ability to have all the same game types from one side available to the other.

What's the real difference then, other than commonly used gear and/or commonly played game styles? It's the guns. Airsoft guns are based off of real world counterparts, modern western military for the most. Based directly, and often one to one, of the best hand operated killing machines the world has to offer. Airsoft guns, at least the good ones, are 100% compatible with real accessories, sights, and functionality. Paintball is not, just on the fact they utilize gas, often need a hopper, and even small paint pellets are cumbersome. Even the best paintball guns cannot match the functionality of an airsoft gun in this manner. Lastly, if you want accuracy, precision, and function, airsoft is an obvious win. Sure you can pump up the FPS on your paintball gun, but it can be done to airsoft as well. So if your matching joules allowed in game, airsoft will always have an advantage. Take into account that the best military gear, which is the best gear ever in existence of anything, is engineered specifically to work with direct effect to today's modern armaments, which airsoft guns mimic. Airsoft is also evolving at a faster rate, as its technology appears to have fewer limits.

So, the guns, and everything they relate to are faster and more effective in airsoft, for the same job(s). However people, gear, and equipment are interchangeable for the most part. Airsoft = win. At least in the speedball round. I've also played speedball with both mediums.

As a direct speedball related advantage, and although you can see, hear, feel, airsoft BBs striking you or someone else, and it really comes down to the people you play with, paintball does, usually, leave a clear mark. So nearly eliminates confusion on hits in speedball, but I'd still prefer effectiveness and speed all around.

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