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Originally Posted by Aj619 View Post
Errm I'm a speedball player to this day and I am not a clown I don't have a red nose or big shoes

I believe what you call speedballers is what I comonally refer to as a full retard and in paintball they come in all shapes and sizes just remember that cause it's a little insulting to be lumped in with a bunch of asshats do to ignorent statements and thoughtless comments just because of how I play

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Aj619, no offence intended. The clowns statement refers solely to the style of clothing. I fully respect the skill level of them and fearless nature about them, but I can't count the number of times I ran into someone in full speedball gear wiping like a midget porn star after a gangbang bukake scene. Sorry just not a big fan of the gear and attitude of the majority of players. But your are right there are asshats in every aspect of life.

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