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Originally Posted by R.I.T.Z View Post
If and when evike decides to ship the gun UPS who will rape you on brokerage.
and have you checked the classifieds? Oh wait we're not even sure if you're 18, so we cant even help you get age verified.

also Milsig is the WORST site to look up canadian prices on any airsoft gun or related things
I'm trying to get AV'd this weekend. I'm iffy on buying used products as they may be broken already (even if doesn't show).

Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
Funny any order I did with them they used UPS and did not give me another option even when I called them, and UPS did charge that much each time for their fees.

And you also said a key set of words: "I was lucky"
Evike has 3 ordering options when I selected checkout.

UPS Canada Standard$38.51
Priority Mail International$47.31
Priority Mail Express International$73.61
I went with Priority Mail International so I hope thats USPS and not UPS.

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