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Originally Posted by Warnipple View Post
Alright well on the Evike site, they offer a service to chrono the gun and send in some documents for importing into Canada. I'm going to try this instead of paying $650 from the next cheapest Canadian seller.

Evike ships via UPS, UPS charges you what ever they feel like for duty/importation charges, typically anywhere from 50 to 80% of the product value, and this is on top of what/if Evike charges you for shipping.

For example ordered $100 in accessories, UPS charged $80 in fees to release it to me. Same accessories in country would have cost $140 shipped. So an attempt to save $40 cost me an additional $40.

And even with their "documentation" it can still get seized if the manufactures website does not match or if they do a test and it does not match. Or even if someone at the CBSA is just having a bad day and decides to seize it.
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