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After 18 years of PB 10 years of competitive ball, I still love Paintball.

Last year I was convinced too try Airsoft for the first time from co-workers.
They told me Paintball Sucks bla bla bla.

So I tried Airsoft, Gibson School being my first outing. Let me just say, Ive played a lot of Paintball, In a lot of different scenarios. Nothing could have prepared me for the game change. Playing back for 8 years in Paintball, I was used too ripping ropes in all my firing lanes, with airsoft, I loved the more tactical feel I got. Its a different game all together for me.

Paintball I would rip off 900-1200 balls a round. With airsoft I only shot 500+/- bbs the entire day, And still had a Blast.

So I cant say one or the other is best, But at this point in my life Airsoft suites my needs in Fun warfare class best.

just my 2Cents

Try both, Choose what makes you feel better, Or play both.
If its a money issue, Airsoft has been cheaper by the wagon full for me.
If its finding people too play with, Check the local games and meet new players.
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