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How to get Age Verified - updated 2014 version

In order the ensure the integrity of our community, inhibit scams, and ensure Airsoft ends up in the hands of those who are legally responsible for themselves, ASC Classified forums require age verification.

Please note several Canadian Airsoft Retailers use our system as an age verification tool for online orders, as well they advertise specials and deals in our Age Verified sections, so yes getting verified is worth spending the time to get it done.

How does one become age verified? Simple.

1) Locate a local representative who is conducting age verification. They are listed in this forum section click on your province to find the list of verifiers located there.

2) Arrange a meeting privately, at a monthly function, or at a game. The verifier will let you know where they can meet up and when. Please do not set a time then not show up!!

3) Bring along a piece of photo ID government issued, and one other piece of ID just in case.

4) Have your real name, date of birth AND ASC user name recorded after your ID is checked. Please ensure you have not lied on your profile D.O.B. as this will raise questions when we go to update your status. Take the time now to ensure it is correct!!

The regional representative will look at your ID, ensure you are who you say you are, that you are 18 years of age or older, and record your REAL name, Date of Birth, AND your ASC USER NAME. This ensures that you match your ASC username. Also in the event you are involved in a scam, we can provide your real name and date of birth to the authorities so they can track you down to protect our members.

It make take several weeks for your name to be processed into the database and be added to the classified section. Reps and the ASC Staff will be working hard to ensure we get everyone verified as quickly as possible! But please remember everyone is a volunteer doing this so delays can happen.
Saskatchewan Age Verifier! Contact for more Info.
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