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Originally Posted by hydrocarbon View Post
These are the brands I have been looking at:

BDS Tactical
S.O.E Equip
Tactical Tailor
Don't jump the gun, do some extensive research and see what you can pull up.

I would recommend some nice knee pads (Arc'teryx). Someone said this on ASC and it stuck to me. "Knee Pads > Knee Surgery", same applies to goggles, so depends on your ideal budget. I bought a pair of goggles from Toronto Airsoft for $45+tax and it tab where the goggle strap holds snapped. So I got a pair of Revision Desert Locus Asian Fit with a fan, was a lot more then I wanted to spend, but can't beat losing an eye, hella comfortable, high quality, and 0 fogging.

"Quality Gear" = Expensive, so expect to spend a bit. I run a helmet for CQB, for outdoor it's not always needed because it creates a lot of heat, and the engagment ranges aren't as close as CQB.
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