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1. Webbing, Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers?
This highly depends on the playing style... Also whether you feel hot during a game.

2. How many slots for mags?
How many mags do you carry? How many rounds do you need in a typical game? What kind of magazines do you use? (mid/low/real cap? How many rounds in each?)

3. Pistol on the rig? or on my leg?
If you crawl a lot in a game, definitely on the leg. Other wise, I found pistol on the rig feels better and get in the way less often.

4. Other pouches I should have?
A magazine dump pouch for empty magazines (some of magazine dump pouch can be folded into a very small bag when not used, a design I really like), a utility pouch for snacks and maybe some small tools, hydration bladder pack or water canteen pouch for water...

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