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Originally Posted by BioRage View Post
All personal preference.. some prefer a lighter mobile setup, and some prefer a standard or heavy setup @_@"

1. 6094a or b depending on your size.

2. Slots for magazines depends on how many you want to carry. Generally people carry 5-7 on them. (Depends on game caps)

3. I prefer pistol on my rig, I have a drop leg holster, and I don't like it, I find it never stays 100% secure on my thigh and moves aroudn to much. Also find it kind of gets in my way when I try sprinting, also one time my pistol flew out, but those are my experiences. I'd get a blackhawk serpa holster.

4. Dump pouch and a belt. After you empty a mag, you can just drop it in the dump pouch.
Thanks for the reply.

1. I am assuming by 6094 you are talking about G TMC Cordura 6094 style Plate Carrier? If so thanks I will look into that.

2. That was my biggest question: How many mags do I need? 6? 8? 12? I guess it does really depend on the game, etc.

3. Thanks, will look into the blackhawk serpa holster.

4. Makes sense, thanks.
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