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Webbing, Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers, Oh my...

Airsoft noob here.

I found this forum while combing the internet trying to figure out how I am going to carry all my mags/gear.

I have some some great vendors but to be honest before I get that far I really need some help on what I should be looking for?

Other than some CQB this winter I plan to be playing outdoors this spring/summer -- could you guys please give me some input on what I should be looking for?

1. Webbing, Chest Rigs, Plate Carriers?
2. How many slots for mags?
3. Pistol on the rig? or on my leg?
4. Other pouches I should have?

Currently have:

G&P M4

I imagine most of my summer use will be the M4.

I appreciate anyone pushing me in the right direction.
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