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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
That pretty much is the truth now, unfortunately. Except not even $590.

I remember "back in the day" (circa 2001) when a plastic TM AEG would run about $650 in Canada. People were willing to pay that.

Now people scoff at paying more than $400 for anything.

And its not just Canada, players everywhere seem to be after bargain basement pricing, quality be damned. And unfortunately, manufacturers are there to fill demand and turn a profit. They could just as easily be making CNC'd 6061-T6 guns, but they would turn into unsold inventory, so they don't.
Seems true, however I might be totally in the wrong but I think the Pot Metal vs CNC'd aspect of it all is not advertised anywhere. What I mean is that you can't really tell on a manuf. or retailer site if it's one or the other, so people (I think) tend to overlook this "feature" when shopping and comparing.
Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle View Post
Real life comparison,

GBBR- bang bang -- Giggle

AEG-- merrrzip merrzip -- meh
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