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Miss my 2005 Angel, and Angel A1. Speed ball was for sure one of the greatest experiences I had.

They are both different sports in my opinion, to each their own.

I enjoyed both sports. My first Angel was $1600, lol. Box of paintball at the time for "no-name" was $50-60 for 2000 paintballs, and that was cheap! Anyways, don't know how paintball scene has changed after 2005-2006, but was quite expensive in comparison to now. Also at that time I don't think Airsoft was popular, and was quite low-key.

I love airsoft now, nothing like having a GBB put a smile to my face after each shot. I also enjoy that I don't need to have to clean up after all that fish-oil infused paintballs cover me too is a big plus. Also airsoft brings a lot more "realistical simulations" then paintball. Also seems to be less cheaters.

Images from google, but almost the same.



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