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I totally agree, the main problem with airsoft IMO is the lack of manufacturers support for their products. The Guaranties provided by Chinese and Taiwanese companies are pretty much non existant. Some companies with divisions in America are trying though (Umarex, echo 1, KWA, etc.) but this doesnt mean jack for us in Canada. Furthermore is ofter easier to fix things yourself.

My point is that due to lack of OEM support, most ppl stay away from new and proprietary designs, slowing down innovation (Ares, I'm looking at you)

What pisses me off, however, is that most AEG technical innovations in the last 10 years have come from players, and not from manufacturers (i.e radiused shells, AOE, DSG, swiss cheesed pistons, R-hop/ G-hop, etc..)

Its mind boggling that AEGs dont come AOE corrected from the factory, even freaking upgrade parts such as Lonex drop in gearboxes dont, I mean how fucking difficult is it ? !

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