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Impressive, most impressive !

Originally Posted by Scouser View Post
Nope, much more expensive than force fx, its a 10w tri cree led with 2x cool white leds lit for the main blade, running at about 240 lumins each

the hilt itself is t6 aircraft aluminum, powdercoated in a gunmetal and copper two tone

blade is 1/8inch thickwalled polycarbonate with about 7 feet of diffusor film inside to make that even look

the soundboard is fully programmable, and runs on a 3.7v li-ion cell, 2watt bass speaker, and a crystal shard 1.0 soundboard by plecter labs

fun toys, and durable enough to hit each other with and not break them.

we dont use the MR sabers because the soundboards are garbage, the led strings in the blade pop easy resulting in dead spots in the blade, and also the blades are very very thinwalled so they bend and break easy
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