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Originally Posted by Guyver View Post
Hi guys,
(forgive me if this topic has come up before)

Just wondering what options are avil for indoor CQB type that have a regular event/schedule/drop-in in GTA? I know of the following places at this time:

- UA (pretty much the only place at this time)
- TTAC3 (small semi private)

Paintball/airsoft hybrid places:

- Sgt. splatters (Sunday airsoft nite 6pm-12am)
- Defcon (I don't know if they do airsoft)
- CQB Tactical (Not really indoor, closed down?)

As you can see, pretty slim picking for indoor.... do you guys think with the growing GTA airsoft community, can we support another venue similar to UA? Thoughts?
CQB has closed down, but there are still four public fields, which I think is plenty.
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