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Originally Posted by lurkingknight View Post
CBSA ultimately has the final say in what can be imported... they can stop a perfectly legal item if they wanted to. Of course it can always be protested. But even regular stuff is never guaranteed, never mind things that are grey market items.

Sometimes it isn't worth the trouble for a commonly found item, but for a big enough price difference it could be worth a chance big or small, with the paperwork.

Any resourceful person with google skill can find most of the brick and mortar airsoft vendors in canada, and some of the online only ones... the lack of AV on here just means people here won't help you find the gun for cheaper. I would keep shopping, personally. You don't have to have it waiting for you when you get off the plane so to speak.

Yup your 100% right and thats what im going to do. I know how all this age verification goes since we have the same issue in Cyprus too since its not even legal over here to own an airsoft gun let alone go and play but we still do it. Even though the president and MOP know about airsoft they dont bug us so we dont bug them. Anyhow yes ill keep checking out for more airsoft products before i come to Canada and maybe do a bit of window shopping when i come over.
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