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Originally Posted by AlexGPS View Post
The WE i saw was from Evike. They had it on offer for 220 or 230 not sure. Even if its 300 dollars its still much less than any Canadian airsoft store iv seen online but iv only checked on 1 that actually has that same model and the price was twice of that so im kind of at a dilemma, either get the canadian version which is 400 dollars + and slap the money on the counter and leave without any problems or get the evike 1 which is 250 dollars and hope for the best the border control people are in a good mood. Im probably going to buy it when i get over there but ill need to get age verified first so i can talk "freely" with people about where and how to go about this. I know how this whole age verification goes because we have the same thing over here. Unless you meet up with some one and show them ID its a no go on the forums and we wont talk to you where to purchase airsoft guns. Anyhow ill just wait till May when i come over and maybe make myself a little early birthday present. :P Thank you for your reply's guys.
Contact of mine ordered a WE M4 CQBR from Evike, and it arrived here yesterday for $280 shipped.
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