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Originally Posted by AlexGPS View Post
Is there going to be a problem bringing the M4 from the states into Canada? The FPS of it is well bellow the required and high enough for it to be an uncontrolled firearm. If i remember well its at about 400-410 FPS shooting range. (Reason why the states is because iv found the model i want for 220 or 230 US dollars up for sale instead of a retailer in toronto selling it for 400+ dollars.
If your gun is in the sweet 366-500 FPS range, technically it can be imported, but how are you going to prove that to the CBSA officer?

Info regarding FPS provided by the manufacture will help, but may not work 100% of the time. Info provided by the vender can help, too, but also unsolid. If the CBSA officer is having a bad day and choose not to believe you, your gun will either be seized, or sent to RCMP for chrono. It can take up to few months and will be on your cost. Since your gun is a GBB, temperature and gas they use for chrono will bring more uncertainty.

Most courier services won't touch anything being declared as "prohibited item" by CBSA, so sending it back (in case of a problem) will not be easy (not cheap either).

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