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Originally Posted by scrumguy View Post
Good questions. TBH I would sell everything over there and start fresh here in Canada. You probably don't need to sell your BDU's or PC or pouches. Just the guns. Just easier and there is no hassle at the border.

As for the AV system. It is what it is and there really isn't a way around it. There are lots of very active AV'ers in the Toronto area. So I'm sure that won't be an issue.

There is lots of different types of airsoft in Canada. Milsim, Speedball, to name a few.
I'm sure you will be able to find a group to play with and go from there.

Welcome to Canada
Originally Posted by Danke View Post
Guns will be a problem to import as an individual. Leave those, bring the rest. Gear, clothing, magazines, optics, etc. it's all OK.

Don't worry about getting age verified till you're here. You'll be in Toronto; one of the hubs in Canada for airsoft. You'll be able to go to a bricks and mortar store, get the info checked off and buy another WE M4 off the shelf.

Then after that you can carry on sussing out the local scene.
Thank you all for your answers to my questions. I miss-wrote something about bringing a WE m4 open bolt over, i meant i will buy one from the states and ship it to my sisters address over in Canada or just wait and ship it to my personal address once i come to Canada in may. Is there going to be a problem bringing the M4 from the states into Canada? The FPS of it is well bellow the required and high enough for it to be an uncontrolled firearm. If i remember well its at about 400-410 FPS shooting range. (Reason why the states is because iv found the model i want for 220 or 230 US dollars up for sale instead of a retailer in toronto selling it for 400+ dollars. Id love to buy the gun from Canada but ifs its that big of a difference its just too much to pay.) Also another question i forgot to mention earlier is, is it better to go for an AEG or a GBB concerning the weather. I know for a fact that green gas and propane are useless more or less in really low temperatures (Canada). Over here we dont have these problems because our winter is rarely under 10 degrees Celsius. Iv always wanted a more "realistic" shooting airsoft gun hence the gbb with the kick and all. Iv owned an AEG and they are stupid easy to maintain and mod out but its a whole new ball game with the gbb's. Iv had a couple of pistols and they where all well lubed and cleaned after every game so i kind of know what to do about pistols. Dont know if its the same thing for rifles too.

Thanks GPS

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