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Newbie looking for some answers.

Hi guys, id like to introduce myself by saying my name is Alexander. Im 21 years old and im currently living in Cyprus. Little island in the Mediterranean. The reason im making this thread is because i have a couple of question concerning Airsoft in Canada. I done some research about airsoft in Canada and haven't found any answers to my questions (maybe i wasnt checking hard enough)
Firstly im sorry if this belongs in another section on the forums or these questions have been answered in the past but here it goes. My family and I are going to be moving to Canada in May of this year and i have been an avid airsofter in Cyprus for a year and half so im considered one of the "veterans" over here.
I want to know how airsoft is in Canada. From what iv read its be shunned upon and its not as big as it is in the states. Its more controlled and is not as "legal" as it in the states too. I also wanted to know more about the airsoft law's concerning buying airsoft guns in Canada in the time being. The reason im asking is because im thinking of bringing a WE m4 open bolt GBB from a well known American company and i dont know how all this goes with the FPS limit concerning airsoft guns in Canada. Another question is, if i bring my mags and gear with me in the container abroad that we will bring over from Cyprus is that ok and if not will i be stopped by the police or the people in charge of the freight and be charged of smuggling illegal firearms into the country. I can always leave them here or just sell everything and start over in Canada but its a waste of money IMO.
Also the area that i will be staying is Toronto but i dont know sure exactly where since my sister is trying to find a house for us. Also another question. Is there any way i can get age verified if im 10000km's away and cant show anyone my ID through the internet?

Thank you for your cooperation and i will be waiting for a reply on the issues.

P.S Once again sorry if you have to re-answer these questions again and again by newbies like myself.

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