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Originally Posted by Reaver_RRTS View Post
I'm just looking for the Magpul PTS stock, which they have in stock for 135$ compared to most places of nearly 200$, or other sites that have it for 130$ but out of stock. Only one other site I came across has it on hand but it's nearly 200$ plus shipping. Did a quick check total shipped to me is 170$... still cheaper than 194.99$ +tax and shipping :/ And I tried last year to get AV'd and nothing happened, (already talked to someone and they literally did nothing about it afterwards) so this year if I get some time I will try again.

EDIT: Their office is in California, USA, but the warehouse is in Hong Kong

If they ship via UPS prepare to be raped for another $80 to $100 for duties/imporation.
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