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I think the rules need a bit of a revamp and be clarified a bit. It's great and all that people are interested in airsoft but as a frequent reader on this forum I've noticed a lot of new unverified members asking what to get, how to get it, and where to get it and numerous AV'd members replying with the names of stores and locations that have "X" gun in stock.

Isn't that sorta thing supposed to be in the AV'd part of the forum?

Originally Posted by Gato View Post
Yet we just discussed what he can and cannot import.......

At least no one touched on the paperwork this time.

No, we are not allowed to provide you information on the acquisition of these items at all beyond telling you they're readily available in the country and that getting age verified is, honestly, a good idea, and opens up access to MANY items of all types which are, at times, priced to "Fly off the shelf".
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