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Time for introductions!

Hi all I'd like to Introduce myself I'm Sean. I reside in Mississauga. I've started playing airsoft now for about 6 months. In that time I've played 3 games, 2 have been with LT and the other was an 18 hr at PRZ. In that time I've played with the likes of GOA, Ontario Guards and Bad Karma to name a few teams. Everyone I've had the pleasure to play with have been nothing but courteous and helpful! I truly appreciate the warm welcome to new comers.

I was lucky being introduced to the game I had my good friend Dave give me a heads up on rules and how this game is based on the honour system! Big help! Great guy always a joy to go to games with! I won't lie I have encountered some who didn't follow hit rules bit they were quickly lit up (if you know what I mean). So a big thank you to this community!

Now on to my load out... First rifle, picked up a G&P M4; great gun love the way it looks and feels! Yes I know it's common but for a starter I think I did well! Second rifle, a recently purchased PTs Masada SV: loads of fun shoots nice! (But I want to play another game or 2 with it and put out my review; so watch out for it) last is my pistol, bought a mystery box from TA and at the time thought I was getting a low grade pistol, ummm yeah no I got a KWC SW40f which I rather enjoy! So much fun to shoot off! (I was thinking of writing a review but decided not to as this model has been around a few years). I originally purchased a low rig enjoyed it but wanted a full chest (Dave thanks for the trade, love this rig). I have my woodland camo gear but all still a work In progress. I still need proper boots and contemplating a helmet. Let's just say this isn't a cheap hobby yet cheaper then building a track car! Airsoft wins!

All together just wanted to formally say hello to the community and thank you all! I look forward to playing with everyone!

LT looking forward to the next game!
Force Recon looking forward to Nightfall 3! Will be my first!

HK 416 VFC
PTS Magpul Masada SV
SW40f (DEAD)
Looking for new side arm :banghead:
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