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Define "excellent quality".

For chromakey to work well, you need a good base footage. You'll need a lot of light for the image to be devoid of noise (light compensation creates noise) and you'll also need an image devoid of blur. The biggest problem is usually motion blur, which will occur *a lot* when shooting high velocity projectiles. A high speed camera will solve that problem, but cost way more than anyone wants to spend here.

Another factor is the quality of the background color. It needs to be uniform, without spots that are too light or dark compared to the rest. A good/flat color that is evenly lighted will make a world of difference.

I've never tried that particular case, but a camera that can shoot 60 or 120 fps (thinking the Canon DSLR line) with *a lot* of light and a super fast shutter speed will make this possible (without that light, the fast shutter speed will make the image really dark anyway). However, a fast shutter speed will make the motion feel a bit unnatural, but if you need chromakey, you'll be able to add some blur afterwards

Mind sharing the footage you need?
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