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If you have a cerdit card, order from WGC (the order from there actually came in a few days before the order placed with CP Gear in New Brunswick, even through both were finalized within a day of each other), mags and whatever. As far as I know, gun bodies and full guns are highly questionable, but our team "logistics guy" buys mags, upgrades and such for us every few months from WGC and no hassles at all. Fast & easy service, and what I heard from a customs guy today, they tend to pass through packages from Asia because they are trustworthy countries, contents list always is correct, yet packages from Jamaica and such are targeted for inspection........ (Officer's way around the 'racial profiling' that seems to be necessary yet illegal (politically incorrect) that is causing this country to fall to it's knees rapidly).

Like has been stated above, if you can get it in Canada from a retailers, you might get it cheaper, but if you do the math and CAN get it cheaper from over there, go for it. Maybe Canadian Retailers prices might come down some for certain items.
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