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Get this, TWO days in a row. Received package (ordered from best buy) empty, in one of their generic "We're sorry, it would appear your package has sustained some damage" bullshit bags. Some damage?!?!?! some fucker at a postal office clearly cut it open and stole a pair of skull candy headphones and an otterbox for a GS4. so I call them, and they tell me it must have been caused by a sorting machine, except that the hole in the package was clearly made with scissors/knife, at the top of the package, and was just long enough to get the contents out!
As if that isn't bad enough, the very next day my 9 year old daughter got a letter, yes a hand written letter, from a friend of hers in Edmonton. I guess the amount of paper in it made someone think it could be money, because it was again cut open. I'm sure they were terribly disappointed when they realized they risked their job for a letter containing no cash.
It's like they can see a deadline on their job so they don't give a fuck anymore.
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