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Originally Posted by targetGspot View Post
Hmm, let's see. Nobody wants to use our terrible service so let's make it worse, that should help! Heads up, Purolator just as bad with just as many excuses! So far I've only had any luck with Ups and Fedex. Ups has been stellar!
Besides the fact that UPS charges a god damn arm and a leg for *customs and handling* shit. They tac'd on an extra $40 dollars to my already $23 shipping free when they showed up at my door. For a god damn Mich2000 and a few other light things.

Anyways it was complete bullshit and I had no idea of the extra charge until they were at my door step. They never bothered to warn me or even send an email of notice or some sort. I was truly a deer in the headlights.

TL;DR - UPS is trash and over charges.
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