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Originally Posted by Greylocks
Honza, we CANT get most stuff from asia. It gets seized at our border and destroyed.
Most? Actually Grey you can get a lot of things through customs without trouble. On one of my last shipments from Guns'n'Guys was opened up by customs, and the shipment contained ...

- M60 Metal Feedtray Covers x 2
- M60 1J Springs x 2
- King Arms Gas Grenades x 3

Canada Customs incorrectly labelled these items as gun parts but whatever, I still got everything. The only items that I would not order myself are full guns, receivers. I'd probably not take a chance on a silencer either. Just because something is for airsoft does not mean it automatically gets seized.

When ordering from HK the shipping can be a little expensive so just be sure to keep that in mind when placing an order and make it worth your while.
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