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Which (cheap) NVG mounts will accomidate a GPNVG-18?

Hey everyone,

First and foremost, I am not an NVG user so I apologise profusely for my blinding ignorance to any of you who are.

I bought a pair of dummy GPNVG-18s from ehobby ( a few weeks back during a sale because a) they look cool and b) they were cheap. I don't plan on using them for gaming - mostly for costuming purposes. Also, I will be mounting these on FAST and BUMP helmets.

My question is, which mounts will accommodate these goggles?

I have found a couple possibilities, but their pricetags run a little high:


I also found this modification of a much cheaper Rhino mount: GPNVG-18 to Rhino Mount Modification - YouTube

If anyone knows any OTHER mounts that will also work, that would be great!
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