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Blacksheep Milsim

I had the pleasure to talk to Major John Bucciarelli 3 days before Xmas. Was hoping to post this earlier however due to our current weather conditions I was one of 250 000 ppl with out power lol. John is the the owner and game promoter of BLACKSHEEP MILSIM. If people or teams out there are looking for a challenging 24 hour MILSIM to attend he has to be one of the best out there in North America.

Some teams have approached Force Recon MILSIM on interest in attending one of his events. We implore you to go. However please check his WEBSITE or FACEBOOK PAGE. There has been change in some of the dates for his events for next year. When I was talking to John he was in the mix of alter the dates for next year. By this time the dates should be solid. Hopefully he will be able to give us the much in DEMAND Operation Pines Plain next year (which is held in Fort Drum on a Mount Site of 39 building along with another 6 TRG Areas).

John has gone out and obtain other Mount Sites in Gurnsey USA and Camp Shelby. Along with his game Operation Cove in Virginia which tests your physical fitness, endurance, mental, tactical skills, patroling skills, Field and Battlecraft at the utmost. Haven't seen anything in Canada that compairs.

As of now Blacksheep MILSIM has Camp Shelby coming up in January. As of now to my knowledge there is no Canadian Squad in this game other then a person doing a podcast. Would be good to see some teams from Canada to attend this event. Our Team would love to go but due time off issues and admin. issues none of can go. However there was a Team from Alberta who went to Gurnsey, hopefully a group from Canada can attend this game and be the 1rst inaugural group of Canadians to go.

We plan on attending a few of BLACKSHEEP MILSIM event this year. If other Teams are interesting working with us contact us and come on out. We have some new Teams attending our TRG Area in Sharbot Lake North of Kingston this year.

BLACKSHEEP MILSIM puts on great events, don't be shy not to try an event in USA. His Events are fair with Force on Force, real life missions with no play acting.


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