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This on is really fun if you have an odd amount of players.( we play with five it is a small group.) ok one person is the presiden. He starts in the middle of the field with only a pistol and as many mags As he can carry. The rest are in too teams, one the fbi one the terrorists. They both have to fight to gain control Of the prevident.( the president will comply with both teams just to make it funner) once the president is tagged into a team he cannot switch team unless he is hit and revived by the team who hit him.( we play that to be revived you need to have a band tied around your arm, no instant Tag respornse.) once.your team has the president you have to get him to your teams evacuation point. Usually just infront of the enemies spawn. We usually have a 10 sec respanwn time.we also have no time limit. The president can be given ammo but if he is he can't Move until All his mags except the one in his gun are full. Also the president can't Move unless accompanied by someone, in other words he cant flank round to the evac. While the rest of the team distract the other team. But this is really flexible he can run cover to cover along as he is within talkable distance.
This game mode is really Fun and we usually play for a. long time as we play in a very long and quite narrow Section of our woodland field, lots of cover and lots of surprises in this mode. I know there is alot of rules but when you get to know it it is alot Of fun we have played this with up to 20 people. We have mixed it up with if the president is shot then he activates a timer he has on him and if it reaches a Min he dies and know one wins. But we never really liked that one.
This sounds pretty interesting.
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