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Originally Posted by jonny1988 View Post
or to get it firing over 366 fps, get some official documentation stating the fps and bring it over in my luggage.
If you can get official documentation that would help. But that can not grantee whether CBSA will accept that document. (Depends on how official that is, and the mood of the guy you meet, I guess.)
The guys in the CBSA may (or may not) still think it is a replica firearm (can not entry), because they are unaware of the corresponding notices and/or laws. You may have to print a copy of the related notices, and argue (nicely) with them, so they may go check that.
Memorandum D19-13-2 may help.
There is also a related Customs Notice 12-005 but that was removed from CBSA website, [DEL]don't know why[/DEL].
EDIT: I know why now. The content of Customs Notice 12-005 is now incorporated into Memorandum D19-13-2. Thanks lurkingknight.

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