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You could also ship it to your Canada address. Panicky inspectors at the border are a bad thing, and if you don't want to be searched in all your orifices it is probably way safer to not have it with you in the plane.

If it does shoot over 366fps with .20g, even if it is inspected when it gets here, you are guaranteed to get it. The thing is, the RCMP is very slow when it comes to test guns, and it might take over a year before you actually get it.

Either way is a gamble, hence why a lot of people say it is safer to sell then buy. If you want a 100% safe way, what you could is to completely disassemble the gun and ship everything but the lower receiver. This way even if it is inspected, you will get it quickly. Once you get here, all you have to do is locate a compatible lower receiver and you are good to go. This is what I would do in your situation. M4 receivers are easy to locate and not super expensive in country anymore.
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