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Originally Posted by K3vX View Post
Firearm = pew pew = damage = legal.
Replica = no pew pew = no damage = illegal.
Studies concluded that a projectile with a velocity of 366 fps, in the case of a airsoft non-replica, could cause significant damage, which classifies it as an uncontrolled firearm.

Studies also concluded that a projectile with a kinetic energy of 5.7 joules, assuming a velocity of at least 500 fps, for a firearm is lethal enough to classify it as a non restricted firearm.

Airsoft above 366fps/1.25J = un controlled firearm.
uncontrolled Firearm = pew pew = damage = legal.

Airsoft above 500fps/5.70J = non restricted firearm.
firearm = pew pew death = controlled (but still legal!).

Canadian law allows for Non restricted and restricted Fire Arms. Both have separate Licences that must be tested and granted by the appropriate authorities. RCMP or CFO. The Airsoft guns are Un Controlled Firearms in that they are like Pellet Guns, to wit, they shoot something that will cause bodily harm or maim, but lacks the ability to cause death. 366 is a formulated # decided that it is sufficient to cause the above effects shy of death.
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