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Firearm = pew pew = damage = legal.
Replica = no pew pew = no damage = illegal.

Studies concluded that a projectile with a velocity of 366 fps, in the case of a airsoft non-replica, could cause significant damage, which classifies it as a firearm.

Studies also concluded that a projectile with a kinetic energy of 5.7 joules, assuming a velocity of at least 500 fps, for a firearm is lethal enough to classify it as a restricted firearm.

Airsoft above 366fps/1.25J = firearm.
Firearm = pew pew = damage = legal.

Airsoft above 500fps/5.70J = restricted firearm.
Restricted firearm = pew pew death = restricted (but still legal!).

Welcome to AirsoftCanada. Also, change every occurence of the word "restricted" for "controlled".
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