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Originally Posted by GBBR View Post
Yeah, TM does some great quality control work, they are great at what they do but I think TM AEG's are wacky, Why have a 5 peice plastic upper receiver with imaginary trademarks when you can get a VFC 1 peice upper receiver with real trades ( refering to M4 Variants )
You do know TM's have 1 piece metal uppers and real trades too right? (You shouldn't be using older generations as a comparison to airsoft guns currently on the market, otherwise you might as well say CA is still a top brand since they had some of the best externals like 10 years ago)

VFC's do have better externals overall though, and easy to tinker with if you're used to working on V2's/V3's. Have yet to really tinker on the TM ebbrs, but supposed to be even easier and I did do a quick dissassembly just to see, and it seems pretty straightforward.

I just happen to love TM's crap recoil, build quality, convenience, name brand, quality control, ambi-dex selector switch, bolt catch, and they make really nice mags (one has a bb dent in it already T_T).

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