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Originally Posted by Sequential View Post
TM is good kept stock. Don't start using it as a build platform.
It's a great out of the box for newbies kinda gun.
Or if you live in Japan, in which FPS limits are not North Americanized.
Originally Posted by Swattiger View Post
If you liket TM, go for it. I have a few and they are reliable and playable right out of the box. Good range, power a bit low, but a lot of fun.

+1, for what you get TM's are pretty nice.

If you plan to completely redo your TM internals right away before there's any problems, you might as well look at something else though.

Like most GBBR's though, the recoil is nothing compared to the real thing, but it will be fun nonetheless both gbbr and ebbrs, just don't get those dinky ones that just move the bolt cover back and forth

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