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I want a reputable retailer for Tokyo marui please!

I live in Vancouver, b.c., and I'm having a hard time finding a reputable Tokyo marui retailer. I want a tm m4 cqb-r two toned version (recoil shock). I have been to milsig and trigger airsoft. Both seems to be very hesitant to order this gun, and they would tell me different things each time I go in and ask questions.

First time I've been to trigger airsoft, they told me they can order it with a small deposit

Second time I went in the guy says they will create a order for me, but is not sure if its even possible to order it, and will contact me after they find out from their warehouse (they never called back)

Third time I went in, the guy says I need to pay the full amount for the gun, and it won't be here until Feb 2014.

I'm willing to pay for this gun, but I don't wanna go through milsig or trigger airsoft, can anyone recommend other reputable retailers?
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