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Originally Posted by HackD View Post
Whichever way you go - LMG type weapons would be the loser in the low-cap scheme - I wouldn't be prepared to run a Stoner in the real-cap field, if that meant purchasing additional box-mags at $125.00 each for additional capacity beyond 100+ ~20 feed-tube rnds...
Nah, GBB rifles are the loser, at $50-70 a piece. For every BB they carry it's about a two bucks.

The LMG gunner, is only paying about a buck a BB, like a lot of other AEG users.
For example someone carrying a G3, at $20 a piece, for a 20 round mag it turns into about a buck a BB as well.

Most 30rd AEG's would be slightly less then a buck a BB.

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